What People are Saying

Read about Mr. Pallister’s failing plan according to the experts:

Sandy Riley, Winnipeg Business Executive and Former Chairman of Manitoba Hydro:

“The province has been sending the message that it is more concerned with protecting its own financial position than in helping many of its citizens who have been hurt through no fault of their own.”

Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson, University of Manitoba Economists:

“Austerity has failed as an economic strategy wherever and whenever it has been tried. The Pallister government is rowing against the tide of history, creating lasting damage for Manitobans to clean up for years to come.”

Shiu-Yik Au, Finance Professor at Asper School of Business

“Premier Brian Pallister's…dangerous plans to reduce non-essential government spending during this pandemic — such as laying off workers or reducing government pay to just two days a week — will badly damage our economy.”

Alicia Macdonald, Principal Economist for Conference Board of Canada:

"Typically, when you have a very large shock to the economy, governments will increase spending to act as a buffer and absorb some of the impact…When you start reversing that and look at economic cuts, it tends to exacerbate the problem.”

Tammy Schirle, Wilfred Laureir University Economsist:

"It's a really big deal to ask the federal government to pick up the tab on public-sector salaries at the provincial level. That’s a huge ask."